Feeding & Inserting Equipment

Packaging systems that sort, organize and insert packages or containers, usually associated with a filling operation.

Included here is a broad range of machinery and accessories for moving products and packages through a line, from conveyors, accumulators and lane dividers to vibratory feeders, unscrambling equipment and pick-and-place equipment.

Any machinery that applies a type of handle to assist consumers in carrying a package, such as machines that attach a carry case plastic handle for a two-gallon multipack of joined water jugs. Also, machines that apply hanger or hang tab systems onto a package for retail display.

Machines that take containers and sometimes products and correctly orient or organize them prior to packaging, such as unscrambling and orienting empty plastic bottles into a single-file, mouth-up position before filling.

Automated systems that use robots that pick objects or products as part of a product or package handling operation.

Placement or inserter machines and friction feeders that deposit items, such as product literature or desiccant sacks, into a package.

Systems for inserting protective packaging such as paper cushioning, rolls of corrugated wrap, or cellulose wadding into a package such as a shipping case.

A feeding system usually for small or lightweight products such as screws that gently shakes and rotates materials or products inside a bowl to move them onto a narrow track to be counted and fed into a package, single-file.