Ingredient Handling Equipment

Specialized equipment used to convey, transport and separate bulk ingredients that go into food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing lines.

Machines that transfer, transport and weigh bulk ingredients such as powders and pellets for food, beverage or pharmaceutical applications; includes process scales, floor scales, strain gauges and load cells.

Specialized conveying equipment used to transport ingredients and finished products (not packages) through a food processing operation, including cable conveyors for small and fragile ingredients. Other examples include tubular drag/disc, aeromechanical, bucket, auger or screw and pneumatic vacuum tubes.

Used to load and feed dry products into another inline machine during food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processes; includes equipment such as screw feeders for nut pieces and biscuit feeders for sandwich cookie production.

Equipment used to empty ingredients such as powders into a hopper during processing.

Vacuum systems that capture airborne powders and dusts from accumulating on machine and plant surfaces during processes such as dumping, stirring and mixing.

Used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical production, this equipment separates any ferrous pieces that may have been introduced through processes such as grinding from contaminating a food source.

Used to grind and mill raw products into fine powders and flours for consumable products; includes granulators and conching machines.

Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing equipment used to separate products by coarseness, such as sifters for flour equipment or separators for removing clumps in powders.