Labeling Machines

A machine that applies preprinted or blank labels, stickers and related applications such shrink sleeve labeling. Also includes specialty labeling equipment like RFID applicators or electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology applicators.

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag applicators are dedicated machines that apply security or anti-theft tags to a variety of packages most commonly after packages are filled and sealed.

Machines that run rolls of labels that have been die cut with incisions, separates the labels from the roll and applies them to containers or packages using pressure.

Machines that apply light pressure to labels coated with an adhesive backing on one side to separate the label from the face stock before adhering it to the package.

Printer/applicators, also known as print-and-apply labeling systems, combine the functions of label printing and dispensing into a single machine and can be used in a wide variety of applications, from barcode label printing to stickers and warning labels.

Any machine related to applying, encoding or reading Radio-frequency identification (RFID) label systems.

Machines that remove a continuous roll of labels and separates and applies labels onto a container or package that is rotated while going through the label application head.

Machines that use heat to apply plastic film material so that when cooled, it conforms to the body of the container for a snug fit, such as a full-body shrink sleeve label for a single-serve bottle of chocolate milk. Included here are neck banders, which employ similar heat application technology to apply neck bands for tamper-evidence in applications such as a neck band on a bottle of aspirin. Includes any equipment related to these technologies such as heat tunnels.

A wide range of equipment for specialty promotion and decorating including silk screening on bottles, foil hood decorating systems, colored band machines, decorative strips on pillow bags, and other specialty labeling equipment.

Stretch sleeve labelers apply plastics with sufficient elasticity to maintain positioning, such as a wraparound sleeve label that is stretched and applied to a plastic container of cat litter.