Load Stabilization

Any machinery, systems, or accessories used to secure and stabilize a pallet while it is being loaded, or in later distribution or storage. Includes stretch wrappers, the most common type of machine, but also alternatives such as stretch hooders.

Corner posts, corner boards, edge protectors and related protective material and systems that provide corner protection and load stabilization to pallet loads during shipment and storage.

Systems that apply non-destructive adhesives to individual cases or bags as they are loaded onto a pallet so that they grip the next layer above or below. Can be used as an alternative to stretch wrapping.

Highly durable plastic cables that are applied during end-of-line operations to contain one or more cases or products to unitize them into a single load for transport.

Machinery that vertically covers a pallet load from top to bottom with a hood of stretch film.

Semi-automatic and automatic machines that wrap highly elastic plastic film around finished pallet loads to protect and contain them during shipping and warehousing; includes rotary towers, turntable systems, orbital wrappers and other types of stretch wrapping systems.