Packaging Inspection Equipment

A wide range of equipment to measure packages, detect anomalies in package integrity as part of a quality control or safety process, or otherwise test machinery on a packaging line.

Inspection equipment used on bottling lines to test torque of a screw cap to define machine tolerances so the capping equipment can be properly calibrated and avoid destruction of bottles during the operation.

Machines that weigh the amount of a package to verify its weight is within designated limits, such as a checkweigher for cases.

Quality control systems that use cameras and other devices to detect uniform fill level.

Machines that inspect packaging for metallic foreign matter.

A wide range of equipment and systems used to test packaging integrity properties including test compression, seal integrity, and leaks.

Infrared and other thermal scanners that measure heat emitted from an area of a package, often used to detect seal integrity of heat-sealed packages and containers.

Also known as machine vision (MV), vision inspection systems use cameras and other imaging technologies to detect defects.

Machines that emit x-rays in a variety of applications to detect the presence of a foreign substance or object.