Plant Maintenance Services

Any product related to maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) of a facility, including repair tools, tool cribs and change part carts.

Analysis lab services performed by an outside vendor, such as composition analysis or analysis of nutrients for labeling purposes. Companies that offer specialized calibration services of industrial instruments used to control equipment such gauges, flow, temperature and more.

Firms that specialize in environmental testing inside or outside of the plant, including air, carbon emissions, soil, and water testing, outside air quality testing and other services.

Firms that specialize in testing internal industrial environment and surfaces, such as microbiological, particulate content, surface testing, allergen and dust monitoring, testing for yeast, mold and pathogens, and related services.

Companies that offer extermination and other pest control services for industry.

Procurement service providers and related firms help companies locate and contract other third-party suppliers of machinery, materials, supplies, or specific services.

Companies dedicated to industrial cleaning and sanitizing, such as deep cleaning, floor and carpet cleaning, industrial disinfecting and related services.