Robot Manufacturers

Companies that manufacture one or more types of single or multi-axis programmable robots that can be used in a variety of packaging and processing operations.

Articulated arm or SCARA robots feature rotary joints that allow them to rotate, bend, swivel, revolve, and move forward or backward on multiple axes, capable of handling a variety of payloads.

Collaborative robots or cobots are engineered to work in tandem and interact with human workers that are in close proximity.

Robots that consist of three linked arms, usually connected to an overhead base, typically used for lighter payloads at higher speeds such as pick-and-place operations.

Robots that are mounted on an overhead system that usually cover a large area and handle a wide range of payloads and functions from pick-and-place to assembly. Also known as Cartesian, toploaders or linear robots.

Also known as AGV robots or autonomous mobile robots, these devices are designed for locomotion within a plant, typically in material handling applications such as picking from shelves, warehousing and other mobile jobs.

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