Packaging equipment that applies caps or other closures to plastic or glass bottles on liquid filling lines.

Machines that crimp and apply metal crown seals (also known as crown corks) over the tops of bottles, such as in beer bottle capping.

Packaging machinery that applies an outside cap over a container with a plug, pump, or other type of seal, such as a protective cap applied to a pump hairspray product.

Specialized cappers that apply caps or closures that snap onto the mouth of a container, such as child-proof aspirin bottles. Also called push-on or snap-on capping machines.

Machines that tighten lug or screw cap closures into the body of a product after the closure has been placed over the open mouth, such as applications tightening a nozzle closure into the bottle of a plastic bottle of household cleaner.

Machinery that applies aluminum roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) caps, such as aluminum caps for non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice, as a tamper-evident sealing feature.

Used to apply threaded plastic caps that are twisted down over the mouth of a container to a set torque, such as plastic capping for most soda bottles.