Dry Fillers

Filling systems that deposit dry solid products such as tablets, nuts, or screws into a variety of packaging formats.

Employ a rotating screw to dispense product through a tube for even, volumetric distribution, such as powdered milk or granulated sugar.

Also known as combination weighers and weigh scalers, this equipment uses multiple weighing heads that, during simultaneous filling, combine the total product weight in each head to determine that a specified weight has been reached before discharging to a container, such as on a potato chip bag line.

Systems that measure how much product has been dispensed by detecting the reduction in weight of a scale-mounted hopper as product exits the hopper.

This dry filling equipment, also called net weighers, loads cells beneath each filling station to dispense dry products by exact tare weight.

Machinery that dispenses parts or pieces to precise specifications, such as a 50-count screw bag or box.

Volumetric fillers that are also known as cup fillers. This packaging machine dispenses dry products such as cat treats or nuts by moving products from a hopper to a defined-size chamber that drops products during filling.

Often used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging operations, these counters dispense a set quantity of tablets into a container. Slat counters are part of this family of products.

Equipment that vibrates to dispense small, dry or granular items whereby multiple lanes distribute products from a bulk hopper to a container to reach a specific weight or count, such as in peanut packaging applications.