Pre-made Bag Loading & Sealing

Any machinery that takes bags that have been pre-formed on a separate line or operation (typically by a bag manufacturer) and fills and seals them, in contrast to the form/fill/seal method.

Machinery used to close any preformed bag, that is closed by a method usually other than heat sealing or sewing. Note: form/fill/seal machines are not included here.

Machinery that enables manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic loading of product into pre-made bags, and then seals them. Note: form/fill/seal machines are not included here.

Equipment that seals a preformed bag by sewing threads (in contrast to most heat sealing methods), such as for a bag of fertilizer.

Machinery dedicated solely to the function of sealing premade bags or pouches.

Specialized equipment that wraps a preformed bag tightly around a food product such as meat, poultry or cheese, by placing it into a vacuum chamber that seals by flushing gas and air from the chamber to eliminate oxygen for preservation and prevent air pockets.