Wrapping Equipment

Machinery that envelops a product and sometimes a primary package with a thin plastic or paper layer.

A specialized type of horizontal form, fill and seal (hf/f/s) machine that features a film reel mounted above the operating level, whereby the product is loaded horizontally and a longitudinal seal is formed below the pack. Typical applications include wrapping individual candy or granola bars.

Machinery that applies a layer of paper or plastic wrapping over a primary package or another form of packaging, often for cylindrical or cubical products, such as an overwrap for a sealed carton of perfume.

Equipment that shrinks thermoplastic film tightly around the surface of an individual product or group of products, where the shrink is activated by heat.

Also known as bunch wrappers, twist wrappers cut and wrap pieces of film via a twisting mechanism, usually around small, individual products such as candies.