Building Infrastructure

Products that are installed on the plant floor or into a facility’s walls, floors and ceiling.

Design and installation of highly controlled production areas with high sanitation and minimum dust used in pharmaceutical processing and related sectors.

Any product related to industrial doors, including swinging doors, air curtains, steel doors, security and access doors, overhead and garage doors, dock doors and coiling doors.

Any product specifically related to what goes on to a facility’s floor, including floor tiles, stair tread covers, floor coatings, floor and trench drains, trap seals and floor matting.

Any product or fixture related to industrial lighting, including strip lights, troffers, loading dock lights, bay lighting and specialty lighting fixtures for controlled environments such as vapor-proof lighting.

Mezzanines, platforms and other elevated work areas for industry, including walkways, crossovers, catwalks, stairs, ladders, railings and bar gratings. Also included here are in-plant offices and cages, lockers, storage cabinets and related items.

Infrastructural products that are mounted or installed within a facility for industrial safety protocols including but not limited to guard rails for warehouses, safety bollards, and spill containment berms.

Any product related to walls and ceilings in a facility, including paneling, tiles, suspended grids, partitions, dividing walls and related items.