Plant Operations

Products, tools, and consumables specifically related to day-to-day maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) within an industrial facility.

Chemicals used in processing and other operations for ingredients, plastic performance, coatings and more. Note: Cleaning chemicals are not included here.

Accessories and tools related to maintaining a clean and dry work area, such as industrial sweepers, boot washers and disinfectants, cleaning chemicals, hand sanitizer, recycling bins, tilt trucks, plastic shovels and related items.

Industrial gases such as argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen used for atmospheric and processing applications within a plant.

Industrial oils, greases, sealants and lubricants used in machinery.

Companies that provide outsourced professional services related to the maintenance and support of normal plant operations, not related to a specific processing or packaging operation.

Consumable supplies used for safety purposes, such as floor tape, industrial shoes and boots, gloves and safety vests. Also includes protective gear such as hard hats, safety goggles, hearing protection accessories and protective aprons and smocks.