Utilities & Ventilation

Systems for managing industrial utilities such as air, water and electricity within a facility.

Systems that deliver air in a compressed state to power pneumatic systems, equipment, and plant facility infrastructure. Industrial blowers are used in a variety of applications including extracting industrial fumes and dust or powder removal.

Water heating vessels for generating power for facility heating, power generation, food processing, sanitation and other applications.

Machinery that removes liquids from a discharged sludge after processing in order to dispose of the material more effectively, such as systems that dewater spent hops in a beer brewing facility.

Electrical systems and equipment related to the electric room such as transformers, breakers, fuses, switches and switching circuits, wiring, and other products related to the overall power distribution infrastructure within a plant.

Systems and infrastructure related to ventilation within a facility, such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans and air ducts.

Equipment related to ambient temperature and ventilation of a building facility, including air conditioners, heating systems, air ducts and ventilation.

Industrial cooling, refrigeration and freezing systems designed to control temperature of products, including cold chain and cold storage systems.

Industrial central vacuum systems that power cleaning, sanitizing, pneumatic systems, pumping and other industrial processes.

Systems and related chemicals for the treatment and removal of wash water and other industrial fluids. Includes water treatment systems for ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and vacuum evaporating and filtering, as well as systems related to the treatment of wastewater into sewers and treatment facilities.