Bulk Packaging

Containers that store or are used to distribute bulk items within a plant, for industrial distribution and related applications.

Wooden, paper, plastic, and steel bulk storage and transportation containers, often returnable in a closed loop application, that are used in a variety of industrial applications.

Cylindrical metal, plastic or composite paperboard containers for storage of bulk liquids, powders and related industrial materials or ingredients, typically 55 gallons.

Also known as jumbo sacks, bulk bags, big bags and other names, these durable but flexible fabric containers are used for transporting bulk, dry material.

One-way and reusable rigid industrial tanks that are mounted on pallets that are used to handle, transport and store materials and ingredients in processing and packaging operations from liquids to solids.

Cylindrical bulk containers made of various sizes wood, metal, and other materials that used to store and transport such as wine and olive oil.

Sacks and bags for a variety of applications and in a variety of formats, generally 50 lb and above. Examples might be a large bag of pet food or fertilizer. Valve bags are generally large, heavy duty paper bags used to contain building materials such as cement.

Plastic bags used to line corrugated cases or totes.

Plastic or metal containers that often have a flip-up metal carrying handle that are used for applications such as paint or foodservice applications.