Closures, Lids & Dispensing

Lids, caps, nozzles, lugs and other container parts used for functions such as sealing containers as well as re-opening and dispensing product.

A wide range of specialized closure materials such as twist ties and plastic clips for bread bags and staples for large bags of potatoes.

Corks are synthetic or natural stoppers used most frequently in sealing bottles of alcoholic beverages such as wine. Plugs are typically rubber stoppers inserted into vials or glass tubes.

A metallic cap with ridges that is pressed onto a glass bottle that the end consumer removes with a bottle opener, such as a crown on a glass bottle of beer.

Multifunctional closures have movable parts for opening and reclosure, such as a closure on a bottle of lotion that allows the consumer to open, dispense product, and reclose.

Any flat closure that goes on top of a canister, can or container, ranging from plastic lids for cans of peanuts to metal lids for paint cans to aluminum can lids.

Flat metal or plastic closures that have indentations on the interior rim of the closure that engage with coarse, often non-continuous threads or on bottles and jars that are removed by consumers with a single twist, such as metal lug closures on jars of pickles.

A type of closure that is placed on top of another closure, especially on dispensing closures, pumps, and spray nozzles, to cover the inner closure so it does not activate product dispersion, such as an overcap for a perfume bottle.

Specialized closures that allow liquid products to be dispensed and dispersed from the package by manual force from the user or some sort of internal propellant. Includes mist and trigger sprayers, aerosol pumps, foam dispensers and related closures.

Closures with an internal continuous thread that screws onto the neck of a container or fitment with a matching continuous thread.