Materials and tools used in packaging and processing operations in very high volumes during the course of regular operations.

Any number of hot or cold-seal materials that are used to adhere different packaging materials together, such as in operations including but not limited to bottle labeling, carton sealing and case sealing.

Packets that are inserted into primary and secondary packages that absorb moisture to protect the integrity of moisture-sensitive products during shipment.

The consumable liquids used mainly in coding, printing, and labeling operations to print graphics and codes onto any primary or secondary package.

Rolls of clear or printed films that are used in numerous packaging applications that shrink and tightly wrap to conform to a product’s shape in heat tunnels. Shrink films can also be printed and converted into tubestock to be used as full-body shrink labels on rigid containers.

Highly durable plastic cables that are applied during end-of-line operations to contain one or more cases or products to unitize them into a single load for transport.

Rolls of stretchable, clear film used to cover and protect a pallet load of cases or large bags.

Adhesive tapes used for any packaging application, such as heavy-duty tapes used in case sealing operations.

Any consumables related to thermal-transfer style printing, including thermal-transfer ribbons.