Machinery that transforms webs, or rolls of paper or plastic substrates, for later package formation processes, such as slitter/rewinders, coaters, plastic extruders, die cutting machinery and related equipment.

These converting machines apply thin layers of chemicals or additives to a variety of paper and plastic substrates to add either a protective layer or to enhance the material’s shelf life, adhesion of inks, appearance or other factors.

Any supplies related to converting, particularly replaceable supplies that go into converting equipment such as industrial knives and blades, flexographic and other plates for printing, dies for die cutting and core cutters for rolls and related supplies.

Equipment that accelerates the adhesion of inks and coatings on plastic and paper substrates after package printing through techniques such as UV or electron beam.

Die cutters modify a material such as paperboard into flats for later folding and erecting into cartons and other packaging. Scoring machines use lasers and other instruments to form creases, folds or related features into paper or plastic substrates.

Extruders are package forming machines that melt plastic pellets and force them through a die to make film through blown extrusion, or through casting or sheet extrusion for thicker plastic materials.

Converting machines that run webs of substrates through die punch, cold pin rotary, and laser perforating processes to produce holes, perforations and related alterations.

Converting machinery that bonds two or more separate packaging substrates into a single web during the formation of multilayer flexible packaging.

Also known as slitter/rewinders and unwinders, this web converting machinery that takes large paper and film rolls and cuts them into narrower webs, which are then rewound and prepared for another converting process prior to package formation.

Converting machines that take large rolls of film or paper and join them together to create a continuous web to enable continuous operation of the production line during other converting or packaging processes.

These machines apply and adhere a plastic zipper system, usually to plastic substrates, to add a resealable option for the consumer during the manufacture of pre-formed bags.