Printing Presses & Decorating Equipment

Any printing, decorating or embossing machine that uses inks and other materials to create graphics directly onto substrates that will become packaging containers.

Printing presses for flexible or rigid packages that decorate or print by applying ink directly into the substrate without the use of plates or cylinders.

Machinery that presses designs into paper, foil, and other substrates to create raised patterns.

Flexographic or flexo presses use flexible photopolymer printing plates wrapped around cylinders that are inked for high-speed web press printing, one of the most common package printing techniques.

Offset lithography presses transfer ink to a rubber roller or blanket, which is then transferred to the substrate, used in high-speed, high-volume printing applications.

Printing machinery uses etched or engraved metal cylinders to print images onto packaging substrates, used for high quality, detailed designs especially on cartons.