Package Forming Equipment

Any machine that takes flat substrates or raw thermoplastic material to form basic, single-unit empty containers across many flexible and rigid formats, separate from any form of later package filling.

Equipment used to take webs of printed plastic or paper and form tubes that are later used to form pre-made, empty bags and pouches for filling on separate machines.

Equipment that melts plastic pellets before extruding them through a die to form rigid containers such as plastic bottles and vials. Trimming machines remove excess plastic material immediately following the blow molding process.

Machinery that assembles sheets of various materials into blanks through cutting, folding, and adhesive application, so that they are ready to be erected.

Any machinery involved in the formation of any part of an empty can or tin from an aluminum sheet, including the formation of its lid and base; not related to separate processes like can filling and seaming.

Machinery used to form pre-made cups, lids, and bowls of paper, plastic and other materials, separate from any filling function.

Equipment that forms containers through the injection of molten plastic and other materials.

Accessories, ancillary equipment and tools and that go on or into package formation machines including but not limited to molds, dies and related supplies.

Any machine related to the transformation of pulp made from wood chips or recycled paper into paperboard sheets.

Machines that make any form of a package solely for small-scale, short runs for the purpose of product development and testing, including prototypes and 3D printers.

Machines that shape pre-made rigid containers and lids such as trays and blisters from thermoplastics using heat and pressure, as preforms; separate from any package filling or sealing process such as thermoform/fill/seal.